PowerQuip GX35 "4 Stroke" Outboard

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PowerQuip 35cc 4 Stroke Powered Outboard

Ideal for dinghies and Tenders, and very compact to store away when not in use. A very economical way to have a back up propulsion system on hand. Reliable 4 stroke dependability over 2 stroke, no chance of fouling a spark plug while on the water! As a bonus, this engine can be taken off and used on your weed eater, brush cutter or multi function set when gardening takes priority over boating.

The outboard leg is built with Aluminium and Stainless steel hardware, the body is solid alloy painted with epoxy black. The propeller is cast alloy, not plastic. The lower gearbox is a completely sealed unit, lubricated by marine grease. The unit is controlled via a tiller arm that has a twist throttle and on/off switch. Once the engine is started, throttle is required to activate the centrifugal clutch to engage the drive system.
Recommended for fresh water environments, if using in salt water proper after use care is required. A quick fresh water rinse of the leg and then a spray of CRC or INOX over the leg and engine is sufficient.

Check out the utube clip of the PowerQuip outboard powering a tender around the marina: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehhq64NO5gI

Engine Specifications:
- Honda based GX35 clone engine, the only 4 stroke engine that can truly operate at any angle or position
- Displacement: 35cc Single Cylinder, Air Cooled overhead camshaft, belt drive 4 Stroke
- Power: 1.5HP
- Ignition: Transistor Magneto
- Carburetor: Diaphragm type
- Fuel tank capacity: 0.63 litres
- Fuel Type: 91 or 98
- Oil capacity: 100ml
- 3.9 KG Weight

Outboard Leg Specifications:
- 185mm diameter propeller
- 600mm length from transom top to prop centre
- Tiller steer
- Adjustable trim
- Adjustable throttle
- On/off switch
- 4.1KG Weight

- Total Weight: 8KG
Shipping Dimensions:
- Engine carton: 23 x 25 x 27cm 4kg
- Outboard Leg carton: 94.5 x 20 x 16cm  5kg