1. If a particular listing does not contain any warranty information then  EasyQuip  automatically provides a 30 day Return to Base Domestic Warranty. Please check each listing carefully for correct warranty type and period.

  2. The Buyer must check the item(s) immediately after purchase / delivery and report any transit damage or faults by email within 48 hrs of receiving the item.  EasyQuip reserves the right to refuse courier claims that are made after this time frame.

  3. Contact must be made directly with  EasyQuip for approval prior to returning goods under warranty, invoices will be required as proof of purchase. Photos or other forms of evidence may also be requested from the Buyer.  Easyquip will need up to 14 days to asses / repair / replace any warranty items. All items not returned via courier will need to be collected. Any items returned for warranty will need to be collected within 30 days of repair or will incur a $35.00 weekly charge thereafter.

  4. A minimum fee of $40 will be charged if it is found that it is a repair not covered by warrantee as below.

  5. EasyQuip will replace or repair where possible and refunds will only be offered where a replacement is not available. Original courier charges are non-refundable. Refunds will not be considered after the item has been used, if the buyer simply changes their mind or if the item is not “what you expected', Please choose your purchase carefully.

  6. Products must be returned with all accessories including their original packing materials, cartons and boxes.

  7. The Buyer has the responsibility and expense of sending back any faulty product to  EasyQuip. We do not accept returns by C.O.D and the return postage must be paid entirely by the Buyer. In return  EasyQuip is liable for sending the repaired item or replacement back to the Buyer, except in the case that the returned item is tested and found not faulty or not in the same condition that the buyer reported. In which case, the buyer will be required to pay for return postage costs and the item will be sent back at the buyer's expense.

  8. Warranties are not transferable beyond the original buyer.

  9. Warranty valid in New Zealand only.

  10.  EasyQuip adheres to the Consumers Guarantees & Fair Trading Acts.

  11. Warranty does not cover:

    1. Normal wearable and service parts of a product ie. Chains, Cutting Parts, Spark Plugs, Filters, line trimmers etc.

    2. Incorrect assembly, misuse, abuse or use of a product for which it was not designed.

    3. Neglect and careless storage.

    4. Unauthorized repairs.

    5. When used for Commercial purposes. Our Warranty is for Domestic use only