37 Ton Splitter with Log Lifter

Rodney on January 14, 2021

Hello Easyquip. April of 2019 you sold me a 37 ton splitter with log lifter. I have yet to find a piece of wood it won't split. I was going to buy a 45 Ton model but as you said I didn't need to. The only issue has been with the retractor box. My brother in law got a piece of wood behind the cutting edge as it was retracting and badly damaged the box. I priced a new box (about $180) but he got a local engineer to repair it for more than that. No fault of the machine. It's now split many cord of wood and is still like new, no oil leaks or problems of any kind. I would give a glowing review to anybody in the market for a woodsplitter.

Cheers, Rodney Moore.

MULTI TOOL 5 'n' 1

Andy on April 12, 2020

As the other reviewers have said - this thing is the "needle in the haystack"!! So many rubbish chinese tools but this thing is the exception that proves the rule - well done to Paul for bringing it to the market. I am a 60+ year old with one crippled arm but I manage it no sweat - actually plenty of sweat!!
Have used every attachment and well pleased! I've already had my money's worth and I'll give up before it does:-)!!Highly recommend.

MULTI TOOL 5 'n' 1

Unbelievable! Have had 4 weedeaters over my lifetime and nothing compares to the quality this thing has. Talk about value for money! The wife is now walking round the garden pointing out things that need attending to, she's never shown so much interest! Awesome unit!!!!!!

MULTI TOOL 5 'n' 1

I have had one of these for about 4 years and find it excellent and has paid for itself by now. I also purchased the lawn edger that fits and this is also an excellent product that does a great job. Very easy starting and so far absolutely reliable

37T  Log Splitter with Log Lifter

Mate & I purchased a 37 ton 3 years ago, we have now put a lifter on it, what a great addition makes it easier on over 70's, we have put all types of wood at it mainly bluegum some of which was pretty dry and knotty and it just kept going,not sure how many cubic mtrs we have put through probably around 600-800, service by this company is top notch,

Tony Austin
Te Anau

37 Ton Splitter with Log Lifter

I spoke with EasyQuip some 6 months ago about a splitter & was told to do my homework before purchasing.
Well, I did a thorough check on all splitters of this size on the market & could not believe the results. EasyQuip splitters are streaks ahead of them all even though some are a copy of Easyquips but don't have the same quality parts.
Well, I purchased this one off EasyQuip & could not believe the service & splitter I received.
It arrived within a few days very well packaged, the quality & workmanship of all parts and fittings are top of the line.
The thing I enjoyed was the assembly for I learned so much about it while assembling. I'm 70 years of age & did it with ease.
I have split several loads already & so happy with the way it is performing, yah no more soar backs for me.
Thank you so much EasyQuip for such a great machine, I am so happy & have a grin from ear to ear. If anyone wants a reference on these splitters just call me I'm more than happy to oblige.
Mervyn Wilson

 45 Ton Splitter with Log Lifter 

Dave Murray on Jan 2021

I am very impressed with the 45 ton wood splitter. Took an afternoon to put together, all components fitting as they should. Impressed with the quality of all the parts and the way the machine has been manufactured. Have now used it 3/4 days and it ticks over beautifully. Once using it, it was easy to see this machine has been well thought out with all components working as they should and very robust. It has all the power stated and has not yet had to have 2 goes at any pieces of timber shown to it. (Mainly dried gum) I have used a variety of splitters over the years and this ranks with the best for its size and price. A really great product no wonder you have a waiting list for them.

Dave Murray