Q. Is my Wood Splitter a 30Ton or a 45Ton, how would I know?

A. Its a "Buyer Beware" market for misleading specifications on many Wood Splitters for sale. This is a very brief approx. guide to help you understand what you are buying, outlining the main facts that can be confirmed online in the many calculations guides available.

Ton Force (pressure) is calculated by Ram diameter and PSI (fluid pressure) only, Pump GPM, Engine HP, Hose diameters, Ram shaft size and length etc only contribute to cycle speed (with the exception of the engine in the case that its too under powered to pump the required psi)

Wood Splitter pumps of 11GPM and 16GPM specs. have a max. PSI of 3000, so beware of high claims of 5000 to 6000psi control valves on the market, to achieve this PSI you would require an engine of 22HP or higher and a matching pump.

Below is a realistic approx. guide to use as a reference

3" Ram with a max.3000 psi = 11Ton

3.5" Ram with a max. 3000 psi = 15Ton

4" Ram with a max. 3000 psi = 20Ton

4.5" Ram with a max. 3000 psi = 25Ton

5" Ram with a max. 3000 psi  = 30Ton

5.5" Ram with a max. 3000 psi = 36Ton


Q.  What type of hydraulic oil is required for my Log Splitter

A.   Use a quality brand of grade 32 or 46, 46 is our preference

Q. What Type/Grade of oil do I use in EasyQuip supplied Petrol Engines?

A. SAE30 or SAE10/30 Quality Petrol Four Stroke oil