Post Hole Borer 62cc 100mm 200mm & 300mm drills + 600mm Ext.

PowerQuip 62cc Post Hole Borer/ Earth Auger 5 piece set NOW WITH 100mm Auger 

Why chase $1.00 auctions when you can get this latest technology Borer with large Augers, compare "Apples with Apples" to make sure you know what you are buying!

New model with "VORTEX 2" transmission gearbox, this is the latest "Straight Thru" type reduction gearbox, very reliable compared to the old style "worm type" right angle reduction gearbox.
We have packed this set with the 2 largest and most practical Auger sizes,100mm, 200mm and 300mm diameter x 800mm long, ideal for post holes, planting and landscaping. Why sell a post hole borer with small augers you wont need or use? The 300mm diameter auger is valued at $100.00 on its own! A 600mm extension is also included for deep post hole boring.

- Power : 2.2kW/7500rpm 2 Stroke, 29:1 Engine to Auger RPM ratio
- CDI Ignition, easy start
- Centrifugal Clutch, variable start
- Trigger type throttle
- Fuel tank capacity: 1200ml
- Fuel/Oil mix 25:1 ratio
- Gearbox : New Vertical "Vortex 2" Gearbox - Non maintenance - Factory filled with Marine Grease
- Hardened Steel Auger Blades
- 12 Month Domestic Warranty

- Post Hole Borer
- 300mm Auger, 800mm length
- 200mm Auger, 800mm length

- 100mm Auger, 800mm length

- 600mm Extension
- Tool Kit
- Fuel Ratio Mixing Container
- Operating Manual

Shipping Dimensions: 3 Large Cartons
510mm x 340mm x 370mm 11.6kg Engine and Accessories
820mm x 300mm x 600mm 5.7kg 300mm x 800mm Auger
820mm x 200mm x 200mm 3.5kg 200mm x 800mm Auger


jameswhitehouse (26 )  


Fantastic easy purchase - I cannot believe how well the 62cc post hole borer managed to get through the clay soils at my property. Used it to drill 10 x 1-1.5m 300mm holes in clay & also various tree plantings.

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