Log Splitter Valve **NEW** Plus Relief Valve

Prince copy/clone 4 way hydraulic control valve

Replacement part for PowerQuip Log Splitter models LS25, LS30T, LS37T, LS45T

Spring centered in one direction, and pressure released detent in the other direction. Automatically kicks back to neutral when the cylinder reaches the end of it's stroke.
- High tensile strength ductile iron casting body.
- Hard chrome plated and hydraulically balanced spool
- In neutral position, both work ports are blocked, and pump unloads to tank
- 3/4" NPT Pressure & Tank Ports
- Pressure release detent
- Built in relief valve to safeguard the hydraulic system
- Maximum design and test pressure: 3000PSI
- Nominal Flow: 25 / 95lpm gpm
- Maximum Operating Temperature: 180C
- Filtration Required(min):  10 micrometer
- Maximum Tank Pressure:  500PSI
- Detent Release Pressure: 1200PSI
- Weight:  4.61kg