Hydraulic Ram 4 1/2" * NEW MODEL *

Hydraulic 25Ton 4 1/2" Ram

- 450mm working travel Length
- 670mm connection length, centre hole to centre hole
- 32mm diameter Ram Body Hole for connection to Bed/Beam
- 12mm diameter Spear Hole for connection to Wedge
- 50mm (2") Chrome Spear Shaft Diameter
- 45mm Wedge connection Diameter
- 3/4" Threaded Ports, for 1/2" connectors/flow
- 27kg

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We have designed these for speed and efficiency, A larger Ram will surely produce more force, but however will be slower and produce more friction / heat in your system as more oil is required to move it through the same size hoses.
With this unit we have made the spear larger thus requiring less oil because of the volume taken up by the spear on the return stroke.