Hydraulic Pump 11GPM 2 Stage

This design features a low pressure pump with big displacement and a high pressure pump with small displacement. When the pressure is lower than the relief valve setting both small and large displacement areas work and when the pressure is high only the small displacement pump works. Ideal for Log Splitters, Presses and Machine Tools.

- American Standardized
- Type: Hi / Lo 2 Stage Pressure Combination Pump
- Style Double Acting/two stage
- Flow Rate: 11GPM
- Pressure Rating: 400psi - 3000psi
- Maximum Pressure 3000PSI
- Motor Required > 6.5HP Petrol
- Shaft Size: 1/2"
- Inlet Port: 1.0" dia. tube
- Outlet Port: 1/2" NPT
- Mounting: 4 BOLT 4F17
- Pump Rotation: Clockwise (facing shaft)

These pumps are built for clockwise rotation as viewed from the shaft end of the pump. Gasoline engine's or electric motor must turn the appropriate direction to avoid damage to the pump assembly.