Hydraulic Log Lifter Kit

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Hydraulic Log Lifter Kit

PowerQuip bolt-on hydraulic log lifter kit for wood splitters.

Great addition if you are building or modifying your log splitter, check out the PowerQuip Log Splitter with Log Lifter in operation at:
PowerQuips new 45 Ton log splitter with hydraulic lift table - YouTube

- 2 Piece lift tray 430mm wide
- Hydraulic ram
- 2 x Control valves
- 2 x Hydraulic hoses
- 2 x Mount brackets
- 2 x Tray pins

Considerations to check:
- Working Width - Is there enough space to add a 430mm wide lift tray to the log splitter?
- Working height - Will you have the correct working height of 750mm to add this to the log splitter?
- Will the log splitter have enough support for the log lifter addition?
- Control valves will require a mount plate on the log splitter
- Supply and dump oil hoses may require adapter fittings to the log splitter

Shipping dimensions:
770mm x 480mm x 350mm 53kg
Shipped to the nearest Mainfreight depot for collection from.